Sunday, March 14, 2010

Promises, promises

This is to third year I have given up meat for Lent. It is a personal promise. I do not ask anyone to sacrifice with me. The 46 days give me a chance to pay greater attention to what I am eating, be more grateful for my blessings and it makes me try new things.

This year I was surprised when my husband and all of my children announced to me that they would make the promise too.

It hasn't been easy for them. I have given several of my pep talks. They go by familiar titles such as, "Quitters never win, winners never quit" and "We keep our promises." To me it is important that all of them follow through on what they set out to do.

This is how I am teaching consistency and responsibility in my home.

I am excited that this year they all know how many days it is until Easter comes. And it is not because of a bunny.

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