Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free At Last

"Thank God Almighty. I'm Free At Last." -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

The joy at which my soul shouts these words in the car today was unmistakeable. The arthritis doctor has released me from all medical restrictions and I am free to run as much as I please.

Kind woman that she is, she paid me today one of the nicest compliments I think I've ever received. She said, "I have patients who have no children, and ones who don't work and they can't find the time to exercise and improve their own health. You, on the other hand, take complete responsibility for your own care. You own it and you have from the moment you first walked into my office."

Bam. Wow! What a compliment to receive. It has been several years now since my arthritis was diagnosed. I have fought valiantly to get my weight down and my muscle tone up. Today was like frosting on the cake.

So tomorrow. It's a brand new day.

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