Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby Food - Squash

Squash is one of the easiest baby foods to prepare. Even if gardening is not your hobby. The instructions in fact are quite simple.

Purchase the largest bag of cut up squash carried in your grocery. Steam it in your microwave with a little water. Drop the steamy chunks in your blender and puree. Use the cooking liquid to get it moving. Then freeze in clean ice cube trays. The next day pop the frozen squash cubes out into zipped storage bags. Label with today's date and the contents: Yummy Squash!

The cost you ask? About 25 cents per 2.5 ounce serving. Significant savings for very little effort.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take your blog to bed?

This is a test of the emergency broadcasting system. Only kidding.
This is instead an experiment in mobile blogging. I have wanted to give this a try for sometime now. I needed some time to do some research on how make this happen. My ultimate goal was to be able to blog from my bed. Strange but true. More later. I want to post and see if it worked.

-- Post From My iPhone

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Rules

This has been knocking in and around my brain for about two weeks now. There is no school for the next eight weeks so in my mind this is the time to tinker with the schedule.

First, the schedule. A day by day, time by time, hard and fast routine. My children actually yell at me if we don't follow it. They like the schedule and they like to know what to expect (who doesn't).

Second, I hate to mess with something we have had going for so long....still.

An idea has been percolating in my mind called "Summer Rules" to be posted on the refrigerator only for the eight weeks of no school for July and August.

Bedtime - What if we did go to bed more in line with sundown. Would nine o'clock really be ridiculous?

Dishes - My husband and I have always eaten on real dishes at every meal. No paper plates, cups, plastic forks, paper napkins. We are proper and therefore I wash a tremendous number of dishes. Environmentally I would feel pretty guilty buying these and I haven't for over two years for any occasion whatsoever. Including birthday parties for my children. I bring appropriate tableware and cart it in and out. The expense has been noticeably different. However, would it be terrible for eight weeks to give myself a minute break from 50% of our dishes? Maybe this is the break I really need right now with a lot of other special projects coming online.

What else - This is what I haven't figured out yet. The summer rules should be special, convenient, and more free wheeling don't you think? I'm going to ponder this one more and post again soon. Feel free to make suggestions if you like. I'd be interested if other people are considering lifting some of the school time rules for July and August.