Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Jam Packed Weekend

This weekend's itinerary included the usual cleaning, laundry, cheerleading practice, one football game and a realization.

The freezer was holding four pounds of strawberries and two pounds of blueberries. My plan for Wednesday (my garbage pick up) was to completely empty my freezer and refrigerator.

For weeks we have been making minimal purchases at the grocery and doing our best to empty out the space.

Therefore, I realized, it was jam making weekend.

It amazes me how four pounds of strawberries and six cups of sugar only makes four pints of strawberry jam.

This is the blueberry. Which I'm thinking is going to make a wicked spread this winter for the much loved pancakes.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Ocean House

Recently, on a day when my husband was at work and two of my three children were engaged in their own activities, I found myself alone with my youngest son. A strange anomaly indeed.

My husband pointed out what a rare occurrence this was and told me to take him for a fancy lunch at the Ocean House.

This is not only a special place in our town but to our family as well. The night we got married my husband and I spent not in our hotel room as you'd expect but walking on the beach and dancing to Johnny and the East Coast Rockers at the Ocean House.

Because of this gorgeous beginning, I've always had a special place in my heart for this particular piece of real estate.

Lunch was a fabulous success. My date was charming, polite, and even insisted on paying the bill (with his father's credit card, of course).

He later told the tale to his grandmother and strangely what caught his fancy was the elegantly attired people playing croquet on the lawn and the "man who parked mommy's car." I guess my five year old had never seen valet parking before. Pretty cute.

Thanks to my husband for the unexpected treat. It was appreciated.