Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Isn't that what life is? We make a goal. Start moving towards the goal. Really feel like we are making progress. The end is within our sights. Wham! Change of course. The unexpected happens. We have to be flexible to deal with it. We have to keep moving forward and making adjustments.

Quoted from the New London Day this weekend Rev. Jill Harvey said, "You can make plans, you can set goals, but sometimes you have to move. Sometimes you have to move out of your house, sometimes you have to move out of your job, sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone."

So because I published my goal of beating my half marathon time this year it feels even more like quitting because my doctor has advised me against the amount of my life I am spending pounding down the mileage. I have been working hard towards this goal since Thanksgiving even before I announced it as my New Year's Resolution.

So since my doctor's cautionary statements yesterday I have considered two paths. The first being to keep running and lie to the doctor. The second to change tracks, change tactics and log my time in non-impact activities.

I feel very guilty even complaining about this issue to anyone. I know I am lucky to have the opportunity to accomplish the things in my life that I have, athletically speaking. My best friend has been struggling with her serious health issues and has been hospitalized three times in the past year. So the person I do my complaining to has something real to worry about as opposed to the whining she hears from me.

And yet she still listened and empathized about my plight. What a good friend.

So here's where I am supposed to tell what I am going to do. But I still don't know what that is.

For now I'll think of what Nemo
says, "Just keep swimming."

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