Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Parenting with Love and Magic

One of the grandpas in our family always does the magic trick with the coin that you suddenly find behind the child's ear.

Today I caught my husband doing the same magic trick with our youngest.

It reminded me of how much love and patience goes into this parenting gig.

Muddy shoes tromping through the house, tired kids who can't walk another step, towels thrown in the laundry because it is too hard to hang them up. These everyday frustrations build up over time. It is hard not to feel upset that someone is spending every minute wrecking what you spend every minute cleaning.

This weekend I watched my husband pull off one of his great daddy moments. We had gone for a bike ride on a local bike path. He had two of our kids in the buggy behind his bike. The third was riding on his own. We had reached the turnaround point and it looked as though the rain was coming fast. He put all three kids into the buggy, strapped the child's bike with plastic wire ties to the back of the buggy and took off. He was now pulling 135 pounds behind him. And he was moving quickly for the parking lot.

I followed and was amazed. Strength (all 3 by bike), ingenuity (who carries wire ties in their pockets?) and well (blushing) the view wasn't bad either. The nice part of following is that it gives you time to admire the leader.

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