Friday, August 21, 2009

The Great Juicing Experiment

This year's harvest includes an overabundance of tomatoes. The wrong kinds for making sauce, salsa or anything useful like ketchup.

I am eating any number of lovely salads with them but they are coming at an alarming rate now. What to do? My fellow blogger told me to juice them.

Today is the day. I own a juicer but must admit that I have never taken it out of the box.

So first and foremost, I took it out of the box. I washed in soapy water and rinsed. I rinsed the tomatoes.

I read the instructions. Which of course told me to wash first in warm soapy water. Such marvelous common sense, don't you think?

Then I put the tomatoes in five at a time and utilized the food pusher to deliver them to the juicing area. It was fun at first but got tedious as the container now seemed to hold a lot of groups of five.

Success! I then got to take the entire unit apart again and wash again in warm, soapy water. It felt good to finally try it out though.

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