Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nor Rain Nor Sleet Nor Bitter Cold

I took a one question survey about running outdoors versus indoors in the winter season today on the Runner's World website. It was interesting to read the responses of all of the different reasons people chose option a versus option b. It made me think about my own reasons of why I chose this winter to run in the house.

The snow has been continuous for weeks here and the ice isn't thawing in between. Add the raw wind and I'm done.

My lungs don't deal well with the cold. I am scared to death to run in this year's icy landscape. I have been to physical therapy several times in my life and all of those injuries have been painful recoveries. To me it is not worth the risk. One false step on the ice and I could be out for the season.

Call me conservative but this year I'm playing it safe. At least until the ice melts. I'm planning my best year ever and hoping to do everything possible to avoid injuries.

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