Saturday, April 25, 2009

Competitive Mothering

Welcome to the Juice of the Cow! We are excited that you are here. Don't you wish that someone could let you in on all of that super secret mommy stuff that gets you through those sleep deprived insane feeling times.

Between the two of us we have seven children, a various assortment of pets and a lot of discussion. In some ways we are exact opposites and in others the same.

One of us nursed. The other didn't. One of us eats meat. The other mostly doesn't. One of us does the baby wearing thing. The other doesn't. One of us did cloth diapers. The other didn't.

We each made our choices based on our circumstances at the time. The one thing we have in common is that we never judge each other. We listen. We support each other. We don't comment on who is the better mother or who made the better choices.

Competitive mothering seems to be a sport these days. Do yourself a favor. Don't go there.

Find a friend. Talk often. Don't judge. Listen. Keep good thoughts about each other.

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